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Our Coaching Team

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kinesiologist & kinesitherapist

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certified athletic therapist


kinesiologist & kinesitherapist


health & fitness specialist

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coach, life time athlete

Robert Roy

Robert is a successful kinesiologist, accomplished athlete and community leader. With over three decades of experience in the field of athlete coaching, strength training and conditioning, reconditioning, functional training and fitness, he is the go-to trainer of choice in our region for the goal oriented person.


However, it is not his medical degrees nor his certifications that set him apart, but his extraordinary love for health and fitness. That passion is the foundation of his training programs at RobFit, his sports conditioning facility that nurtures the beginner as well as the elite athlete.


Gabrielle Little

Gabrielle is a caring and skilled kinesiologist specializing in exercise therapy. Passionate about the human body’s capacity to adapt and overcome, she will accompany you to become the best version of yourself.

A member of the Association des Kinésiologues, Kinésithérapeutes, Orthothérapeutes et Massothérapeutes du Québec (AKKOMQ), she provides both kinesiology and kinesitherapy services.



Alexandre Roy


Alexandre is a graduate of the Concordia University Exercise Science program with a specialization in Athletic Therapy. A sports enthusiast since his youth, running is his personal passion.


He brings a broad skill set in strength and conditioning to the RobFit training floor and is dedicated to helping others grow in their sport of choice.


Leïla Chevrier-Foundy

Leïla is a kinesiologist specializing in exercise therapy. Her love for various sports has driven her to share her passion for movement. Having suffered several injuries, she understands the importance of physical conditioning and the need for proper rehabilitation.

Leïla will help you push yourself while respecting your body, and she will get to know you in order to optimize training methods for your current situation.


As a member of the Association of Kinesiologists, Kinesitherapists, Orthotherapists, and Massage Therapists of Québec (AKKOMQ), she can offer you all these services.

Julie Thomas

The joy she finds in helping people and her passion for health and fitness led Julie to become a personal trainer more than a decade ago. She brings a rich fitness background and energy to the RobFit team.

Among other qualifications, Julie is certified as a personal trainer, a strength and conditioning coach, and as a nutritional coach. She is FMS (Functional Movement Screen) certified with both Level 1 and 2 certifications and is qualified to train with TRX and RIP trainers. She is a passionate Yoga Tune Up® ball therapy practitioner and teacher.

Curious and always learning, her thorough understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics makes every session with her a learning experience.


Gilbert Ayoub

A lifetime athlete, Gilbert is an accomplished runner, cyclist, and triathlete. From a marathon to an Ironman, Gilbert’s expertise as an athlete provides extraordinary insight into the mind of the athlete from a coaches perspective.


With over two decades of coaching experience, Gilbert has helped beginners as well as high-performance athletes achieve their goals. Runners, cyclists, and triathletes have trusted his methodological approach to coaching which leaves very little to chance.


Using the very latest in data analytic tools, every aspect of the training process goes under review to ensure the best outcome for the athlete.

Robert Roy
Gabrielle Little
Alexandre Roy
Julie Thomas
GIlbert Ayoub
Leila Chevrie-Foundy
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