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Paddle Your Way To Fun & Fitness

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a fun activity that most anyone can, it’s a great way to connect with nature – and it can be a terrific workout that will strengthen your body and challenge your balance.

Whether you want to get out for a quick relaxing spin around the lake, or want to develop some killer abs this summer, spending some time on an SUP is a great way to mix fun and fitness.

SUP For A Strong Core

As you pull the paddle toward you through the water you activate the core muscles. The subtle motion each time you dig deep into the water activates the rectus abdominus, and the slight rotation towards the side you’re paddling on uses the obliques.

Just by simply standing and balancing on the board, you activate your deepest, most stabilizing core muscles, the transverse abdominus.

SUP To Sculpt Your Back

When done with proper technique, paddling strengthens the upper back and shoulders.

SUP for Cardio

Once you develop a solid stroke, you can start to pick up speed. Paddling fast with a deep stroke will boost your heart rate into the fat burning and cardio zones. As you begin to feel more comfortable on your board, you can bump up your work out by incorporating some high intensity intervals.

SUP For Stronger Legs

With knees slightly bent and legs engaged as you paddle, your quads should fire each time you set your blade in the water – and with your hips thrust back slightly as you pull through the water, your glutes will work as well.

SUP For Rehab

Because it’s low impact, SUP can be a useful as a rehabilitation tool to gently increase strength and endurance.

SUP To Reduce Stress

Water naturally soothes the body and exercise helps to reduce stress.

Spend some time on the water this summer, SUP for fun and fitness, and connect with your body and soul.

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