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A focus on fitness

If you want to be more fit, focus on these simple suggestions.

Set multiple goals

Set long-term and short-term goals. If your goal is to run a 10K, start with the goal to work on leg strength and improve hip mobility. The short-term goal – to get stronger – will help you achieve your long-term running goal.

Prioritizing short-term and long-term goals will help you stay on track and lower your risk of injuries.

Change it up

You may need to focus on only one sport to become very good at it. But that single focus may also lead to injuries. Even elite athletes take breaks from their sport to let their body heal. For example, if you are a cyclist, reduce your time in the saddle in the off-season by doing other sports.

It never hurts to include some strength training or yoga. Regardless of your sport of choice, diversity will help you achieve more balance and become a better athlete.

Move with intention

If you think that exercising more makes you more fit, you are wrong. Moving well and establishing good movement patterns will help you become more fit.

It doesn’t matter how many squats you do if you are doing them wrong. Before doing a multitude of squats, or performing loaded squats with weights, you must be able to perform a body-weight squat using good form.

If you can’t do that, you are just repeating a faulty movement.

Train, don’t exercise

Exercise is something you do to feel good. Training is a planned process over time to achieve a desired result. Training is how you will achieve your goals and maintain motivation.

We saw it during the pandemic. People who just exercised stopped. People that were training for a goal maintained their training schedule.

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