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Accepting change

Stay fit for life, not a finish line

Cabin fever can be added to the list of current contagious infections. Our time spent indoors in self-isolation and practicing safe social distancing has us longing to get outside as the weather warms.

Moving outside

However, as we begin to move outdoors to walk, hike, run and bike, it is imperative that we follow the guidelines recommended by our community and our health agencies.

Equally important is being kind to yourself. Accept that you will have lost some fitness over the past few months. Progress gradually. Do not start at the same level you were at previously.

Reduce the volume and intensity. It seems logical to start more slowly, but some athletes believe they can just pick up where they left off. It is not the case. Rebuilding slowly to avoid injury is the smart and prudent way forward.

Control what you can control

Even if you adopted a schedule of exercising daily during this quarantine period, the changes to your daily schedule and lifestyle will have affected your fitness level.

Accept it. Control what you can control.

Remember your why

For many, races and events in the upcoming season was a motivating reason to continue training. However, the majority of sporting events have been cancelled for the summer, not just here, but internationally.

Now is the time you need to reflect on your why. If your why is that you enjoy movement and you enjoy challenge, then there is no reason to abandon your efforts just because your race or event was cancelled. A finish line need not define you.

Within the scope of what we are now allowed to do outdoors, set goals and personal challenges for the summer season. The focus is now on health and wellness.

Stay fit for yourself, your family and your future – not a finish line.

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