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Ask yourself why

What’s your “why”? What drives you to want to change? To move better? To work out? To get healthy?

After three decades as a kinesiologist and strength and conditioning coach, Robert Roy tells us that, “knowing your why is one of the most powerful mindset tools any athlete can have.” Robert stresses that your why defines the reason you want to achieve your goal. It is the reason that goes deep into your soul. Your why is your motivator.

Know your why

Every morning Robert wakes up knowing his why. His why is driven by a passion to help people move better. He believes that people who move better, live better. “Better movement can be transformative,” Robert advises his athletes.

Five years ago, Robert took an old storage shed, a wall full of credential and decades of successful coaching experience, and launched RobFit Mont-Tremblant. He created a unique training facility unlike any in the region. Why? To help people move better.

Day after day Robert took his why – and then looked at the how. How does his client move? How do mobility, fitness level, injury or age affect the quality of movement? How can he help others achieve their why? The “how” is realized through the process of analysis. Observation. Assessment. The measuring of functionality through various mobility tests. When you have the how figured out, you can then determine the “what”. “What” is the “how and how much” portion of training.

Once he knows the why, and has determined the how and how much, he can develop a focused plan to help the individual set and reach goals. From the pro athlete to the beginner, clients have found the goal-oriented approach that the RobFit team applies to movement provides the structure and foundation that allow them to become the best that they can be.

A passion for fitness

As we enter a new year, RobFit has expanded into a new facility to help even more people move better. With the acquisition of the former Motoroute Laurentides building at 444 rue de Saint Jovite, Robert advises, “instead of highperformance motor-bikes, at the new RobFit KinCenter, we are creating a home for high-performance bodies.”

The 4,000 square foot facility is filled with light and a passion for better movement. The unique training centre is alive with a community of individuals powered by positivity who encourage and inspire you to reach your full potential.

A team of experienced kinesiologists, athletic therapists and coaches can craft your training to fit your why. Many individuals are finding that private sessions help solidify goals and establish next steps. Whether it is for rehabilitation or for finish-line goals, a one-on-one session focuses on the unique needs of the individual.

In addition to a huge open-concept training floor, RobFit’s state-of-the-art bike studio has just reopened. Trihard coach Gilbert Ayoub puts a new spin on training with the most advanced indoor cycling experience in the region.

An upcoming renovation will significantly expand the services offered at the spacious facility this spring. In the works: a satellite space for Jacinthe Lemieux’s Clinique Mouvement Optimal. Physical therapy and sports therapy services will help individuals move from rehabilitation to the training floor. Kinesiologist Gabrielle Little echoes Robert’s delight with the new space: “Every day I get to follow my passion for helping people move better.”

The team at the RobFit KinCentre invite you to define your why in 2022.

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