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Get fit for a strong winter season

Winter is right around the corner. For skiers and winter sports lovers, this is a time of year we get excited. We haul out our gear, prep our skis and boards, and make sure our boots, poles and winter equipment are ready for the new season.

However, more important than getting your gear prepped is prepping your body for the new season.

Take the time now to prepare your body and lessen the risks of injury on the slopes. A well-implemented strength training program is essential and it’s worth the effort. A serious back or knee injury resulting from lack of preparation can take months of rehab and derail an entire season.

The Basics

Let’s look at what you need to get ready to hit the slopes.

  • Agility: to react quickly to changing terrain.

  • Balance: will allow you to handle moguls or an unexpected bumpy run.

  • Core: strong abdominal muscles and hips help support and protect your back and knees.

  • Strength: eccentric strength will help you withstand the force your body encounters hurtling downhill in a turn and will provide resistance to muscular fatigue in your legs.

Winter Prep Workout

To get you started, I suggest a simple program, two to three times a week. Perform the sequence one exercise after the other, take a one-minute break, and repeat three times. Add one extra round per week as you progress.

  1. Single leg deadlift: 10 reps per leg

  2. High plank with shoulder taps: 16 reps

  3. Hip bridge: 10 reps

  4. Squats (with or without weights): 15 reps

  5. Alternate front lunges: 16 reps

  6. Skater side jump: 20 reps

  7. Jump squats: 10 reps

Prepare your gear and your body so you can enjoy a fabulous winter season in our beautiful Tremblant playground.

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