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Make exercise an adventure this summer

There is nothing like being outdoors in the warm sunshine, breathing fresh air, and getting daily exercise. With the tremendous opportunities to exercise outdoors in Mont-Tremblant, there is no excuse not to.

I recommend at least 30 minutes a day of exercise, no matter what the weather is. Mont-Tremblant is a beautiful playground. Choose an activity you enjoy and do it!

Exercise can be an adventure

Need an idea? One good way to get active with the kids this summer is geocaching, a real-time outdoor treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers (caches) of various shapes and sizes. The containers hold a pad and paper to sign your name, different items called knick-knacks left by prior participants, and perhaps an interesting fact about the treasure’s location. You can take a knick-knack, and leave one for someone else to find.

An outdoor treasure hunt

Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt with over 900 geocaches right here in Mont-Tremblant. Explore our community and find secret treasures you never knew existed.

Hidden all over our community, geocaches are accessible by bicycle in the Parc linéaire, by foot at the Domaine Saint-Bernard, hiking on Mont Tremblant, running our trails, canoeing and kayaking on the Rouge River, and by exploring our local parks, as well as other unique places you can discover this summer.

A few reasons to start geocaching

  • Discover areas you never explored in your community

  • All the family can participate

  • It’s a good way to stay fit while having fun

  • Discover fun treasures

Just go to, download the app on your phone, create a free online account…and let the adventure begin! Walk, run, cycle, hike, canoe, kayak, and find hidden treasures. How many geocaches will you and your family uncover this summer?

Exercise is important to everyone’s health. It can help control your weight, reduce your risk of chronic health conditions, strengthen your muscles and bones, and even help you live longer. As an added bonus, being active and fit is fun!

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