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Move to manage stress

Stress is an inescapable companion of modern life. Demands and responsibilities can quickly pile up, especially during the holiday season.

Cortisol, the “stress hormone”, becomes harmful if left unchecked. In excess, it disrupts many processes essential to the proper functioning of our body, leading to cardiovascular problems, difficulties in regulating emotions, diabetes, osteoporosis, weight gain, and even a reduced lifespan. While stress resilience may be socially beneficial, it can be devastating to our bodies.

Therefore, it is vital to learn how to regulate this hormone.

Find happiness

Physical activity is effective in reducing cortisol and increasing endorphin, one of the “happy hormones.” It’s a natural way to alleviate stress. The benefits are even greater when you choose an activity you enjoy and that brings pleasure.

Activity need not be strictly limited to the gym or sports. You can also experience benefits by playing with children or sharing a hike with a friend. Just move, plain and simple!

Leave danger behind

The amygdala, a brain structure, plays a role in triggering the fight-or-flight response. Modern life “dangers”, like the fear of losing a job, can stimulate the amygdala and create a state of fear, aggression, anxiety, and stress. The remedy is simple: move forward. Forward movements, such as walking, snowshoeing, running, or skiing, reduce amygdala activity, thus decreasing stress levels.

Results are even more convincing in a natural setting. Take advantage of our beautiful region. Get outside and enjoy the trails available in Mont-Tremblant!

Invest in yourself

Planning physical activity should not add to your stress. Choose an activity that’s easy to incorporate into your life, schedule it three times a week, and remain open to change. Physical activity is not limited to performance; it is above all an investment in your well-being.

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