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snow fit

As the temperatures begin climb this month, the hint of spring is in the air. However, we continue to have ample opportunity to enjoy our winter playground.

Changing conditions

Snow conditions will change throughout the day as the warmer weather eases in throughout March. We’ll see hard and fast conditions on the slopes in the morning, with more slow and slushy snow in the afternoon. If you are not a fan of soft corn snow, plan to ski earlier in the morning before the snow gets too soft.

But if you are like me and love bumps, then stick around later in the day. Be mindful. With more bumps on the slope, your risk of knee and back injury increases if you do not properly prepare. Follow these simple suggestions to make the rest of your ski season more enjoyable.

Fit tips

  • Drink water often during the day. Staying well hydrated is important.

  • Practice a warmup routine consisting of active stretching for 10-15 minutes. This can be as easy as walking up to the lift instead of taking the cabriolet. Your hips will be more mobile and it will wake up your back muscles.

  • Keep your legs relaxed to better absorb the bumps. Don’t fight the snow; you won’t win.

  • Engage your core muscles to help protect your back.

  • Rehydrate at the end of the day. Drink water before your beer.

  • Practice muscle release of your legs and back with a foam roller or a massage ball. Or, better yet, splurge on a massage. This will keep your muscles and fascia softer and more flexible and will significantly help in your recovery.

Spring skiing should not be discounted as “easy skiing.” It’s even more important to be snow fit in the springtime than at any other time of the season.

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