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stay fit at home

Exercise and physical activity reduce stress. And if ever there was a time we need to reduce stress… it is now.

Although your favorite exercise class, gym or training centre may be temporarily shuttered, that does not mean you should stop being active. In fact, working out may be one of the best ways you can pass the time while you are self-quarantined, and exercise will boost your immune system, as well.

Create a success-oriented plan

Establish an exercise area in your house. It does not have to be big; just find enough space to move without hitting anything. Set aside a time to exercise. If you create a space and make a fitness appointment, you are more likely to exercise.

You don’t need any fancy equipment. In fact, you don’t need anything but your body weight.

Follow a routine

Plan on thirty minutes of exercise or physical activity a day. If your spouse or partner is self-isolated with you, make a “date” to exercise together. If you have children at home, this is the perfect opportunity to lead by example and involve them in the fun.

Put on your favourite music to add motivation. Split your thirty-minute session into segments. Warm up for five minutes. Wake up your muscles and get them activated.

The next twenty minutes should feature active and vigorous exercise. Pick six to eight body-weight exercises and repeat each set three or four times. Spend five minutes cooling down, breathe deeply and with intent.

Throughout our Mont-Tremblant self-isolation period, RobFit Mont Tremblant is posting daily training plans on its Facebook page. The exercises are all body-weight-related and can be adapted to any fitness level.

Spend time outdoors every day

In addition, spend some time outside every day. Soak in the sunshine. Walk, stroll, snowshoe or run. Get outside and move. It is good for your body, your brain and your soul.

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