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The Holiday Fitness Challenge

Fabulous festivities, scrumptious meals, family parties, and what seems like an endless parade of social events. The year-end holiday season is full of commitments to family and friends. This December, I am asking you to make a commitment to yourself. Commit to the RobFit Holiday Fitness Challenge and make some time for your health and wellness this month.

A month of movement

The challenge begins on December 1 and ends on New Year’s Eve. The goal is to move every day – and develop some other healthy habits as well. Encourage your family, friends and coworkers to join you.

The movements are simple and start easy at the beginning of the month. The series gets a bit more challenging with each rotating cycle. Check the challenge calendar each day. If you need tips or direction, visit the RobFit Kin- Centre YouTube page. I will load a description and demonstration of the entire cycle.

ry not to skip a day. If you do miss a day, do the exercise noted for the previous day before doing the challenge of the current day. Break up the movements throughout the day if they are too much to do all at once. There will be some alternatives in the video demonstration, so anyone can participate.

Developing good habits

Developing good habits is part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise at least five times during the week. Drink two to three litres of water a day. Breathe by inhaling through your nose. Eat fruits and vegetables every day. Think positive thoughts about yourself. These are just a few of the good habits that are fairly easy to incorporate into our lives, and will make a world of difference.

The RobFit Holiday Fitness Challenge is a great way to finish the year and set yourself up for a healthy start to 2023.

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