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Your holiday survival guide

Holiday festivities, epic meals, family parties and social gatherings… Our yearend celebrations can make skipped workouts, overeating and weight gain feel inevitable. They don’t have to be.

Routines will change

One thing the pandemic taught us is that athletes and active people are routine- oriented. When routines were upended, adjustments were necessary. Some people adapted quickly, but everyone needed time to readjust.

As we enter the holiday season, we can take a lesson from what we learned during the pandemic. Routines will change. There will be more stress. We will need to adapt.

Remain active

You know the holidays are coming. Plan ahead. You don’t need to maintain the same routine as you do in other seasons. Cut yourself some slack – but do so in moderation. You can shorten (or modify) your workout schedule.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get any benefits; on the contrary. Staying active is what is important. Identify the days you will be able to exercise. Craft an exercise plan knowing that it will be a bit different from your usual routine.

For example, if you run, instead of 5K or 10K, get in 3K. If you enjoy strength training, do a shorter, more intense workout.

Family fitness

Being active can actually make the holidays more fun. What’s more, exercise reduces stress – so moving is actually a bonus! Get creative. Pick a family activity that you all enjoy. Snowshoe, ice skate or pull your kids or grandkids up the hill on a sled. That even gets me breathless sometimes!

During Christmas when my family is around, our annual broomball game is a must. I assure you, it’s as much of a workout as an hour in the gym. Take the time to take a break from your regular routine.

Make some holiday memories this season as you enjoy moving… with family and friends.

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