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Your mother was right

Good posture is important

A hunched back, a slow shuffling walk and chronic back, neck and joint pain. I am not describing your grandmother; I am describing today’s screen-addicted population…a population that has forgotten the simple concept of good posture.

While good posture is something we rarely give thought to, the pioneering work of Dr. Vladimir Janda, an expert in chronic musculoskeletal pain, provides clear and convincing evidence that it is the root from which all muscular balance and movement begins.

Poor posture leads to pain and injury

Screen time… slouched in front of computers and tablets, or with head jutting forward as we text with our nose buried in a cell phone. As Dr. Janda’s body of work shows, muscle imbalance begins as poor posture sets in and some muscles tighten while others become weak.

When our natural, proper, upright posture disintegrates, poor posture begins to sabotage our health and wellbeing. Back pain, body aches, hip and joint dysfunction and compromised cardiovascular function and respiratory health are the result.

Align yourself for good health

With time and effort, however, many of these poor posture-related issues are reversible. The sooner you begin to take corrective measures, the more chance of success. And there is nothing but good that comes from proper posture.

Proper posture helps you develop strength, flexibility and balance. If you begin with efficient posture, efficient movement will follow. For those who love to move and play sports, this is especially important.

In addition to looking better, with less muscle pain and more energy throughout the day, proper posture can also reduce stress on your muscles and ligaments, which can reduce your risk of injury – in life, and in sport.

Quit slouching. It’s time to stand up straight. It turns out that your mother was right: proper posture is important.

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